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do new lids have an expiration date?

I was given a box of fairly ancient canning stuff...jars, rings, lids, and assorted gear.

In the box there were several new, unopened boxes of ball type pop up lids. They look great, and have no rust or obvious damage. But they're probably 20 years old...maybe 30.

You think they're ok to use? My concern is that all that time may have changed the properties of the seal material, which obviously could be a big problem.


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Re: do new lids have an expiration date?

I had some in the garage, unopened boxes. I tossed the lids because I didn't want to take the risk. I gave the jars to the Goodwill but didn't include the lids. The lids might still work, but they are cheap, do I suggest buying new lids.

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Re: do new lids have an expiration date?

I got a bunch of old canning supplies from an elderly lady that was no longer canning, and many of those lids were definitely not things I would trust to keep a seal. However, I used them for sealing dry jars, like all those beans and countless other things that I store in mason jars, or things in the fridge. I keep those, and used lids, in a container in the cupboard, while the new ones I keep in a box for canning goods.

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