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Thai pumpkin custard

I mentioned it here:
Subject: Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes
applestar wrote:They want me to make a vegetable or salad side dish -- any ideas for a festive and interesting recipe? Right now, every idea I've had so far is kind of boring.... :?

For a 2nd dish, I'm going to try to make THIS with the Thai Kang Kob squash/pumpkin I harvested:

Sangkaya Fak Thong (Thai Pumpkin Custard)
:arrow: ... thong.html

...but that's more of a dessert and I think they are looking for a savory or refreshing kind of veg.
Here's how mine turned out. My squash was bigger and I had to make an extra 1/2 recipe of custard, which actually worked out because that used up the entire can of Trader Joe brand thick coconut cream. I increased the cooking time in the steamer, but I didn't lie the way it looked after being steamed and the custard didn't look quite fully set (nor would set up even after cooling), and the cavity was full of liquid from the pumpkin, so I baked it for additional 45 minutes at 350°F. 8)
image.jpg how did it taste?
--- the coconut cream custard was scrumptious :D
But unfortunately, the flavor of this squash didn't live up to the anticipation :| . It was good but not as sweet or flavorful as I had hoped... I might be spoiled from eating my other harvests -- Seminole and Uncle David's Dessert Dakota (buttercup type) squash. This was my only fully mature Thai Kang Kob and I've never had it before. (DH thinks it would be better as a tempura -- or a more savory main course element)

So take my advise -- use a squash/pumpkin of a variety that you've had before and really like, so you can be confident of the flavor. My brother thought Kabocha would be good (in fact, the photo in the original recipe looks very much like a kabocha with the rich yellow flesh that is much darker than my Thai Kang Kob. I have one more Uncle David's left so I think I'm going to try making another one with it. :()
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Re: Thai pumpkin custard

You have helped me find a good use for pumpkins. I never know what to do with them other then making a Pumpkin Pie. Thank you for sharing this.

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