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Green beans

I haven't grown pole beans before and I have picked and cooked them. With onions and bacon. The skins are tough and not tender at all. cooking now for about 1 hour and I am disappointed. Is it the bean or did I pick to late? Also what is the most tender green bean to plant and best way to cook them.

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What kind of beans were they?

If they are string beans then you should pick them before the pods fill and you can feel the beans. If the beans are hard then depending on the kind of bean you can use them as dry beans.

Example black eye peas, pods can be eaten whole when it is young like string beans or shelled and used as dry beans later.

If what you have is a shelling bean like lima or Italian beans, I have never tried eating them in the pod.

If you cooked them for an hour, I'm thinking they were very old.

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