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What to do with peppers

Hot peppers tobasco, serrano, thai hot,
make pepper jelly or chili pepper water, chili sauce (garlic, chilies,fish sauce, 2 T lemon juice)
cayenne, thai and super chilies can be dried. It intensifies the flavor
Bell pepper, ancho, anaheim
Roast bell peppers, it sweetens them up. You can eat roasted bells with a little garlic salt. YUM!
Make roasted salsa, it is the best.
Anaheims chile rellenos.
Jalapeno and cream cheese dip
Stir fry peppers until they are crisp tender and eat them as a side with onions or even better put the stir fried peppers and onions in a sandwich
My friend just eats the frozen Jalapenos as a snack straight from the freezer. I've never frozen bell peppers before unless they were already stuffed. You have better luck than I do with bells. I only get 5-8 from a plant before they die. I'd like to know your secret of production

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