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Using and preserving CHERVIL?

I noticed today that my chervil plants are showing signs of bolting already -- my tomatoes aren't even planted out yet! Such fussy cold season herb and it's one of the first to start showing signs of life in spring. This is too early though and I pinched off the upward shoots, but I need to start thinking about seriouslywhat to do with them.

Last year I ended up letting them flower and go to seed without even realizing,, so I'd like to get some good harvest in this year.

So, what does everyone do? Just dry? Chop and freeze in ice cube trays of water?

I've been eating them in salads and I often put them in omelets. Any other suggestions? Very strong licorice/a nice flavor so maybe tea?

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I've never grown or used chervil, but that anise-flavor makes very nice tea blends. I use anise hyssop in a number of mine.

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I've always treated it exactly as I would parsely - I freeze half in olive oil (jar in the freezer), and I dry the other half.

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I never have enough to freeze, etc It is one of my favorite herbs.

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