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An Unexpected Tea Party

Today, I started reading The Hobbit for the nth time and wanted to look up something about Bilbo's Unexpected Tea Party... And stumbled upon this wonderful site:... [url][/url]

Since most of us here like good food as much as we like to grow them, I thought you might enjoy the descriptions. (I know some of us are LOTR affectionados, too) I want to call your attention to the Salad entry as well -- it sounds like the kind of salad I make. :wink:

I had a little fantasy that I could think of members of this forum who are capable of actually making some or all of the items mentioned for the tea party, including the beer and making the cheese, and how amazing it would be if we could all get together for a "tea party" like this. 8) :()

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great link :D

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nice. I think I could hold down a few of those recipes.

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That is awesome. I am a fan of that genre.

I think I will make me some pork pie tonight. :lol:

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You can certainly understand the term "it's high time" they use it for tea, but I've heard this same term as "it's high time to get a move on". I may have even said it. :lol:

That picture of the Pork Pie does look delicious!

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