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Lesson Learned

DO NOT!!!!!!!!!! Freeze tomatoes that you think you are going to use and than don't for what ever reasons. 3 Gallon bags full that is. Than the next year get some more ready for the freezer than to make room in said freezer take out the (did I say 3 gallon bags full?) of old tomatoes and sit them on a chair in the garage and forget to throw them in the compost for a couple of day's. :shock:

We have an old fridge that leaks water when not bungeed down. So I thought the stream of water was that. Than there was the smell at first is smelled like a brewery well there is a recycling can that has a lot of crushed beer cans in it and more on the counter in there. With the heat I thought it was making the stale beer warm and make a smell. Only to realize this morning that the, yes 3 bags, of old tomatoes were leaking all over the floor and by this time it did not smell like a brewery. :(

It's all cleaned up now, I am an idiot. -wall-

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:roll: Nope, not an idiot, just a 3 gallon opps :!: ----Now if you want to hear about idiots, that would be my DH and I. Years ago, we raised, butchered, wrapped etc. 18 beautiful home grown turkeys. Put them in the freezer, in our attached garage, and didn't check on them for quite awhile :cry: Turned out it was a used freezer we had purchased, not long before we put the turkeys in checked inside and they were ALL, thawed out and not only spoiled, but really smelly. We were some depressed, to say the least. :cry: Don't ever buy used freezer's, and not check them before useing. :(

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Oh wow... Call this a bad smells contest and I bet you get lots of entries! I keep a tightly closed bucket under my sink for collecting scraps for compost. I empty it usually once a week. But in the summer heat, you are about taking your life in your hands just to crack it open long enough to drop some more scraps in!
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