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wonderful salad

This isn't exactly a recipe, but I didn't know where else to put it. What I am eating out of my garden currently is salad. Made a great one yesterday:

spinach, swiss chard, lots of different kinds of lettuce (from my salad mix seeds), broccoli, threw in some non-garden carrots for extra crunch. Then I added herbs, not as seasoning, but as salad ingredients--chopped up handfuls of herbs, parsley, lemon balm, basil, and then lighter on oregano and thyme. Topped it with a little chopped almonds and parmesan.

The handfuls of herbs made a wonderful flavorful salad. You would think it might be overpowering, but using fresh picked herbs like that it still was light and refreshing. Little bit of light raspberry vinaigrette... mmm.
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Sounds good save me a bowl. :lol:I eat a salad almost every day from the garden. With a mixture of lettuce, radishes, onions, peas(soon to be replaced with beans), baby carrots, garlic scapes a small handful of mozzarella.

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You are making me hungry.

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nosta, I was just about to say that, when I scrolled down and noticed you beat me to it! LOL!!!! :lol:

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