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Potato Salad!

Another great bbq and cookout recipe as my recipe does tend to make a lot of if made the day before and allowed to completely chill overnight! Enjoy!

Potato Salad:

4 Lbs. Potatoes
1 Med. Onion Rough Chopped
8 Slices Thick Cut Bacon
4 Lg. Eggs
1 32 Oz. Bottle Mayo
12 Oz. Sweet Pickle Relish
4 TbSp Plain Yellow Mustard

Place onion in a very large bowl with half of the mustard and relish to marinate. Peel and cut potatoes into ½ inch pieces and place in a pot of salted water at a rolling boil for until fork tender but firm, depending on degree of doneness preferred. Place eggs in a small pot of cold water and bring to a boil and boil them for 12 minutes. Remove the potatoes, drain and let cool. To save stove space, sometimes I just use a giant pot and boil the eggs with the potatos, when the eggs are done so should the potatoes, works great! Chop, into 1/3 inch pieces, the slices of bacon and fry in a pan until fat is rendered and then remove the bacon and place in bowl with onions. Immediately put the potatoes on top of the bacon and then pour the rendered bacon fat over the potatoes and toss well. If boiling your eggs in a separate pot, when the eggs are done, pour out hot water out of pan and fill to top of eggs with ice and then water. Let sit until the eggs are cool. Slice the eggs thinly then add those to the bowl as well. Add rest of ingredients and mix very well. Place in refrigerator overnight before serving.

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