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Fruit Salad-No Dressing!

I love fruit and anyway to avoid adding dressings to them is a must for me...this is my way of tasting the fruit harvest season all in one and it makes a lot, great for cookouts and bbq's...enjoy!

Fruit Salad:

1/2 Cantaloupe Diced into about 1/2" Pieces
4 Lbs. Hulled and Diced Strawberries
Zest of 1 Medium Orange/2 Small ones
2 Small Oranges Diced into about 1/2" Pieces, Skins OK
2 Small Sweet Apples Peeled and Diced into about 1/2" Pieces
2 Pears Peeled and Diced into about 1/2" Pieces
12 Banana's Sliced into about 1/3" Slices
8 Kiwi Fruit Peeled and Diced into about 1/2" Pieces
Red Globe Grapes (Seeded and Halved, easiest way I do it is just to pull them apart and pluck out the seeds and use just enough to incorporate into the mix, usually about 2 Cups worth is about good)
2 tsp Lemon Juice and 1 C Packed Brown Sugar

Combine all ingredients and mix well and store in the refridgerator for about 3 hours or until completely chilled, this can be avoided and cut down to about an hour and a half if the fruit is prechilled...if it is prechilled only chill in fridge long enough for the sugar to melt and mascerate the fruit a bit, about an hour and a half.

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