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pumpkin recipes

need pumpkin recipes
Greetings from the south:)

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one thing I did this week w/ a 3 lb pumpkin is cut a lid, cooked stuffing by sauteeing 2 lbs of grd turkey, mushrooms, and onions, scooped out seeds(and saved them to roast later) and baked it in the oven. I don't remember exactly but I think I baked it at around 350-400 for about 45 mins.

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try home roasting the pumpkins, old wives tale is that u have to use sugar pumpkins to do this with, not necessary and always expensive, regular jack o lanterns will do just fine and is all i ever use....roast the pumpkins in chunks cleaned of course, and rubbed with butter and sprinkiled with brown sugar (easier to remove skins after their roasted) roast at 350 degrees until well fork tender and let cool and remove the skins, puree and freeze in bags a few cups at a time and you have ready made pumpkin puree for the holidays made with your own homegrown pumpkins! It's interchangeable with any pumpkin pie recipe just use the same amount as you would in a regular canned recipe and it tastes much better and fresh too!

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