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Re: Mexican Food

Vanisle_BC wrote:
Thu Oct 08, 2020 11:11 pm
I can never get those Chinese cabbages to head in the garden. But I have thought the grocery store Napas keep longer than the other types.
I learned from chinese YouTube video how to grow cabbage, lucky i took notes, at 40°F seeds do not germinate & plants do not grow, plants set there waiting for warmer weather. Seeds germinate good at 60 to 70°F. Plants make heads between 55 & 65°F. Plants make big leaves 70 to 75°F. Plants bolt at 80°F. Seeds will not germinate at 80F. For Savoy cabbage. Other cabbage temperature is slightly different. 7 years ago I had very good luck growing Napa 28°F to 65°F some were 15 to 18 lb heads.


Napa big heads at 50 to 65°F

Round green cabbage heads at 55 to 65

Savoy, heads at 60 to 65F

FREEZE temperature.

Collard greens, 0 degrees F

Turnip greens, 5 degrees F

Spinach, Lettuce. Cauliflower, 10

Cilantro, parsley, Russian Red Kale, green Swiss chard, 15

Savoy cabbage 20

Boc Choy, Red Swiss Chard, Napa, 25

Green round Cabbage, Blue Kale, Broccoli, 28

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