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Ch. 24 No One Ever Fertilized Old Growth Forest

I laughed when I saw the title of this chapter; I have used this old saw myself for years and years...

But that doesn't change the fact that it is completely true, and deserving of our thought and consideration. Jeff has given us the blow by blow descriptions of process, the libretto of characters and plots and synopsized them in a most useful and enlightening book. I'd like to close with the final paragraph...
Remember no one ever fertilized an old growth forest. They didn't have to. You have been given the rules to garden using the soil food web. There are not many of them. What are you waiting for? Start teaming with microbes and get that biology into your soils and working for you. Gardening with the soil food web is the natural way to grow.
Indeed. Thank you Jeff for your time and your book.


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This book was great. I have to say that is was one of the most engaging and educational gardening books I've ever read. I've learned a lot from it and now have a much better understanding of what's going on beneath the plants because of it. I will certainly be applying some of the principals from the book in the future.

Great work, Jeff and Wayne, and thanks, Jeff, for being a part of this discussion.

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