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Moving lettuce from a small container to a large - kratky

So I over estimated how large these heads of lettuce would get. I have 4 growing in a 3 gallon tote. Their roots are not yet tangled together so I can move them fairly easily. I want to place them in a 10 gallon tote. How safe is it to move them over with a new nutrient solution? Of course I will be meticulous with making sure the PPM and PH are as close to the small container as possible.

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I think the most important thing here will be to keep the new water level at the same ROOT level as to not occlude the oxygen absorbing roots.

The root tangle should not be a big issue,hand separate and finish separating with a very sharp knife. I've cut over a 1/4" inch of root from a root ball when container gardening to no adverse reaction. Just remember "Less is Best."

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Lettuce needs 8-10 inch spacing.