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Growing primrose indoors, searching grow-light advice

Hello everyone, sorry for any mistakes in advance, english is not my native language.
Being unable to decide where to ask my question i post here, hope i didnt get the section wrong.
I want to sow primrose seeds this summer, about a thousand, for some family support profit in the beginning of next year. I am a first timer :) I read a lot about led lightning, PAR, blue/red spectrum & etc.
So i begin with my questions about lightning...
In the production tutorial of the seeds i've chosen is written that i need between 110-1100 lux in my germination chamber.
I'll be glad if someone help me how can i reach that, with examples of led, wattage. I hope you know what i mean.
The other goal after germination is between 27000-32000 lux. How much led (or fluorescent light source) i need to cover that for 1 square meter and how far should my lightning be from my plants? I have a target of 10 moles of light per day but i am troubled with the understanding of how will be able to distribute that quantity of light units.
Hope the hole post made some sense.
Thank you