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Growing American Ginseng

Thanks for this forum, I am hoping to gather some helpful information and ideas about growing American ginseng hydroponically.

Ordinarily in the woods it is a seven year endeavor minimum to simulate a quality wild root in a "woods grown" setting. However this is a plant that likes to give way to all sorts of destructive forces ( vermin, disease, poachers, etc.) so growing hydroponically seems the way to go, especially for an organic version.

I am a total hydroponic neophyte but the government of South Korea is investing in this endeavor as it seems logical, any ideas as to growing medium (ginseng likes slightly acidic) , how to prevent fungus, and cost outlays per 10 square feet of growing space???????


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My expectation is a mature ginseng is more like a 10 to 25 year endevour, I don't think you can get there from here hydroponically.

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Wow I didn't know you could grow root crops hydroponically ?