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Heat source

Any suggestions on a heat source? It's getting cold. We only need to heat a 6x10 area. We are managing the cold nights with a shop light for now. Is a ventless propane, blue flame heater appropriate? Or should we go electric and hope it doesn't cost too much to run each month? We did the terra cotta thing last year when we started but that was in March so we need something long term. Thanks!!

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I think it would make a difference how cold it's going to get? What kind of area is this. Any sunlight coming in to add solar heat?

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For water or air space? And another dimension is needed. Is it 6x10 x 20? Or 6x10x6? Feet, meters, yards?

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So close to the 49th parallel, with its 8 hours of daylight at the winter solstice, my greenhouse receives only a little winter light. Subtract from those 8 hours the fact that the horizon isn't level, even with full southern exposure. Subtract again, the horizon hugging angle of the sunlight even at midday. And, subtract again, the frequently cloudy hours even several hundred miles and mountain ranges from the North Pacific Ocean ...

I have a natural gas furnace but do not turn it on until mid-March. It is needed for plant starts for about 6 weeks.