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Lighting for Strawberries

Currently I have 4 Apollo 300 watt LED fixtures over some strawberry plants. I cannot move them easily, I am trying to think of some sort of rigging that I could slide them along.
My main question, is this lighting sufficient for strawberries; they have grown lettuce well in previous set ups. (Everything is indoors, I lack enough sunlight).
Other than that, I am looking into a large T5 fixture that would cover the 5 square ft or save up and indulge in a KIND 1000 LED fixture.
Any input appreciated.

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Re: Lighting for Strawberries

I'm not sure what kind of PAR demands strawberries have, but the Kind isba full spectrum LED and it should do really well as long as you can keep its temperature in check. I have never used an Apollo light but they come highly rated on Amazon and the price is right. They should work fine, really. Just roll with it and see what happens, its really the only way to know-know.

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Re: Lighting for Strawberries

Strawberries need full spectrum lighting from UV to infrared to make them perfect. Although expensive, we recommend plasma lighting for strawberries as they usually produce 2x as many strawberries per plant when compared to LEDs. Rocket Plasma is best for a small set up and iUNU is the best for commercial setups. LEDs are best for leafy greens.

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