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Flushing tomatoes and other vegetables


I understood that it's recommend to flush the plant with only water, a week before the harvest, to take the mineral taste out of the fruits.

I tried it with my cherry tomatoes and they actually tasted better.

The problem is that as the bottom of my plant start ripening, the top of it just starting to bloom.
So how can I flush the ripening fruits without disturbing the part that blooms.

The same goes with lettuce, basil and similar herbs that you harvest just a little bit from time to time.

Any thoughts?

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dunno... never heard of this.

you are talking about plants in containers?

I can't imagine it making any difference for stuff in the ground. For stuff in containers, it makes sense that there could be mineral build up, but it would seem that flushing would only help if you were using rainwater or distilled water, not tap water.