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Comparing Hydro Systems

With such a massive variety of hydroponic systems around, can people please post a picture of their system and outline the specifications and the key pros / cons?

The following is 100mm PVC vertical hydroponic garden in bamboo theme. I run a 15w air pump 24/7 in the reservoir with 15x 2000 litre p/hour water pump connected to standard irrigation fittings so it clips in and out of the system for easy maintenance. Inside the grow channels, is 4mm dripper line which drips the oxyginated nutrient water on each plant site. The flow rate in the channel is quite subtle and creates a nice thin film on the bottom without excessive flow. I'm getting incredible results!

Each grow channel has approx 6 litres of root growth capacity, so it's just large enough to grow 5 fully grown tomato plants per channel.
vgs bamboo.jpg

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I have to say that your system is a beautiful hydroponic system.

Do you find it difficult to clean out the bamboo?

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Agreed, beautiful work!

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I just put this dutch bucket system together...

The reservoir is 9 gallons, so that's more than 2 gallons per bucket, plenty as far as I know.
I will run an Eco 264gph for 30 min, 3 x per day on a timer.
The buckets are 3 gallon, lined with 5 gal paint strainers, filled with perlite.
I'm planting big beef tomatoes and this system should allow growth to the ceiling and beyond.
I'm going with single stem due to limited space in the hut.
I roofed to keep some of the rain out of the system, and screened to knock back the pests.

This is my first system. It's an experiment. I'm looking forward to some significant expansion later on.

Here it is completed, just finished it yesterday...

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HydroDude wrote:I have to say that your system is a beautiful hydroponic system.

Do you find it difficult to clean out the bamboo?

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Have had great success with my ebb and flow system in my garage, I am using the LED light with full spectrum.
the great part about hydroponics is the low maintenance.