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avoid stem rot rockwool

i am designing an nft system using rockwool cubes that fit into holes in a pbc pipe angled slightly with the end of the pipe pouring into the reservoir with a pump

ive seen so many videos of people getting stem rot using rockwool

how do i avoid this?

i may or may not use a timer to turn flow on and off

i don't know the ideal time intervals of flow on and flow off if i were to use a timer

i am very worried about getting stem rot even while i am developing the root system before i place the rockwool with plant into the pbc pipe

maybe i can avoid stem rot by having only the roots dangling out of the rockwool in the nutrient stream, instead of having the rockwool touching the stream like i originally planned. but this would require development of a very good root system before placing the plant in the pbc pipe, increasing the chances of getting stem rot at this point

any tips would be greatly appreciated