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New PVC system .. help !!

so basicly I just built a 4" pvc hydro system and I'm trying to grow strawberry's and salad leaf for now and I also took one of my habanero seedlings out of the soil and washed it off and put it in Roc wool hoping it would grow ... I stared my salad leaf and strawberry's in Roc wool and the leaf seams to be doing fine but its been a week and there's still no sprout with the strawberry's any thoughts on germing them ?

I'm growing them under a 1000W HPS and I'm using advanced nutrients sensi grow 2 part


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Good job!!! Should work great.

I was thinking about making something like that out of 4 or 5" square vinyl fence posts.

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Nice set up! That system should work fine in the vegitave stage, but when the strawberries begin to flower they may require a different nutrient soluting than the lettuce (grow vs bloom/fruit). Just something to think about. I don't know that much about strawberries but I have 120 of the bareroot variety sitting on my kitchen table waiting to be planted in a 5' tower this weekend. I got extra because I figured that I would kill a few off. There are some excellent "how to grow strawberries" sites out there and that's where I will be seeking answers also.

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Water adjustment system.
Water adjustment system.
On my 4" PVC tube garden I used a cap on the end with a spigot installed on the edge. I attache this cap and nipple with a mechanical joint (M J) so that I can control the level of water in the tube. When I first started the plants they did not have roots through the wool so I increase the level to make contact with my rock wool..