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hello evry1

8) I'm new 2 gardening so i need tons of advice but first help topic is why are my hydroponic cucumbers wilting after i put them outside in the same dwc system that they were started in? i started in rockwool from seeds then into netpots in a dwc under an 6panel flourescent light setup for 18/6 with no nutes then i changed the water after 3weeks to FOXFARM nutrients and placed them outside. the next morning my strongest plant had wilted, drooped down on the lid then yeterday i went out it had perked up a bit now today the leaves that wilted are brittle and dark gray. help I'm baffled. the smallest plant looks healthy in comparison, and the have really left it behind and are doing excellent. HELP!!!

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You can blame the sun. There's no way we can replicate the power of natural sunlight indoors, we can however give them artificial lighting to make them grow and produce but it by no means matches the power of the sun.

Same thing happened to the few starter plants I could keep growing indoors until this wet spring finally broke and let me get in the dirt. All my tomatoes were gonners but I did manage to get some peppers set out. Most all the leaves burnt up to a crisp. The plants did have enough of a root system that some (not all) suckered out and grew.

Hardening off the plants would help, takeing them outdoors and increasing the time left there daily, would be the sanswer but it's a lot easier said than done when it comes to hydroponic plants.

Best of luck on your future grows and welcome to HG!


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