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my lucky bamboo needs more... STUFF

I've had this little bamboo plant for a while and it got a lot of big leaves on it, but then it got exposed to bad conditions and they fell off. I can see it's still hanging on.. it has some tiny but healthy leaves.. but it can't make more big leaves because it's out of, you know, actual solid matter. All it has is water and the few drops of liquid plant food I've been giving it. What else can I give it?? Can I shove some compost/soil down in there or something? Or would that be bad?

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Given conditions it likes, it actually can create quite a bit of vegetable matter out of sunshine, air, and water. The magic of plants! I had one that came in a little cup, very small. I set it in my bathroom, with nothing but indirect filtered light from frosted bathroom window. I never did anything to it except add chlorinated water from the bathroom tap (I know they will tell you not to do that). Never fertilized or anything. It got to be 4' tall bushy, big leaved. It was top heavy because still in the little cup and totally outgrown the space it was in. So I put it in a bigger cup out on my deck where it got direct morning sun and it promptly died. (Don't mess with success! :) )

I would just be patient with yours. If it is coming back it will keep growing.

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Doesn't changing the soil for a better one solve the problem?
Anyway, you can try to search in internet about the nutrients it needs more and try to help the plat with this.
What do you think?