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Hydroponics can add variety to your diet.

Let's face it seeds are dirt cheap, and are a real bargain. For only a few dollars you usually get a few hundred seeds. Add a little water, nutrients, light and tender loving care, and you can reap a generous reward.
The seeds for this plant, Fudanso Umaina, or Japanese Chard, came from Japan via Kitazawa Seed Company. They wrote:

"Umaina is a tender Japanese Chard. The leaves are deep green slightly waved and smooth. The mid-rib is pale green with short stalks. This variety is can withstand warm and cold temperatures and slow bolting. It is prepared like pak choi and very similar to spinach."

After only thirty days or so I have a large ebb and flow tub full of these plants. Like most vegetables it adapts well to hydroponics.

By searching the web and ordering, or trading seeds online, it is possible to add variety to your diet and not have to leave the house.