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Watering vegetables and plants with bleach water

I work at a school with a garden. The person in charge of the class believes that it is OK to water the garden with emergency water. Which is water that has been stored in barrels and has bleach added to it. How harmful is this? Should that water be used to water plants. Also there are chard plants that has mold on the leaves. I've sprayed them with vinegar water however, the person in charge is still selling the leaves with the mold on them to others for consumption. I don't believe this is Healthy and it shouldn't be sold. please give me your ideas on this please.

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Re: Watering vegetables and plants with bleach water

That's a HUGE no in my books. Bleech water I find is dangerous. I would only use it to sanitize pots before placing new soil into it, and in very small amounts. The bleech will not only kill the good bacteria in your soil, but will also go into the plant and whatever produce you are trying to grow.

As for the mold on the chard plants that's something that I would look into. Vinegar water does an okay job, but again you risk damaging the plant. Have you tried Neem oil?

Is there anyone else you could talk to about the person selling produce with mold?

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Re: Watering vegetables and plants with bleach water

My answer is also a NO to bleach and I wouldn't eat anything with mold on it. Use regular water and remove moldy leaves. Mold on chard may mean the plant is in a too wet situation without enough ventilation and air flow which would encourage mold growth. Be sure to water only when needed and then water the soil and not the leaves...that is a good rule for any plant.
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