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Water circulation

I've seen several books and articles regarding barrel/container water gardens, usually for those with no yard for a real pond. Quite a few say there's no need for any kind of pump to circulate the water. Would anybody here have any thoughts on that?

I have a small indoor/outdoor pond (roughly 50 gallons) that I did have set up for quite a few years in my living room, complete with goldfish that grew to about 3 pounds. An Egyptian papyrus did very well in it (once I screened the roots off so the fish couldn't eat them). I did try several other plants, like water lettuce, but the fish ate them all.

I'd like to set it up again once my roommates are gone and was thinking of perhaps adding an artificial bog area next to it, but need to find out what kind of water flow and filtration I would need. I'm not getting fish again.

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