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How to Remove Frogs

Welcome everybody. I was looking for help for long time at native websites but i can't find any help. I hope someone here can help me.
I live on the countryside and I got a small pond where lives a lot of frogs... And thats the point, because my wife really afraid of frogs. I would like to remove them but i don know how to do it...

Do you know any ways to do away with frogs ?

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Re: Frogs etc.

Are you positive about this? The frogs control -- EAT -- pests that would infest wet areas... Like mosquitoes -- both in the water and in the air -- and flies, slugs and snails, too. If you got rid of the frogs, you will have MORE pests.

The presence of frogs indicate a HEALTHY, UNPOLLUTED body of water especially since amphibians are more sensitive to certain kinds of pollution. (I would be worried if the frogs suddenly disappeared).
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Re: Frogs etc.

I agree with applestar. Frogs are great insect killers. I wish I had frogs in my garden :)

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Re: Frogs etc.

If you live in the US eliminating all the frogs would be highly illegal, no matter how you do it.

I've got a similar situation, I have a problem with spiders but there is no way to ever eliminate all of them. I've had to learn to co-exist. Not easy but it's a process.

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