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Water plant in my home!

I got this lovely water plant, does anyone know what kind of plant it is?

I was also wondering why the top leaves keep turning brown like in the picture, does anybody have any advice?
It's hanging in a pot in my windowsill, it creeps over the edge and hangs down about half a meter. It is hanging under a window though, could it be the cold (air) that blows over it?

Also, every time it gets this murky I carefully take it out of the pot and fully refresh the water, then as long as it is clean I just refill it, is that the right wat to take care of the plant?

Thanks in advance!
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Looks to be some cultivar of Red Ludwigia. It's a very common freshwater aquarium plant! I think your's is turning brown because it's climbing out of the water. It is a hardy aquatic, it can be grown partially out of the water. It grows roots along the entire stem (at least mine does). The parts of the plant that grow outside of the water need to have very humid conditions, or they dry out.

You could try to spritz them heavily every morning during the winter, when your heat is running.

They also require high lighting in the aquarium, and they like their fertilizer. I push half an iron tab (for freshwater aquariums) into the gravel near the plants. They are food hogs!

Hope this helps!

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