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Crazy water garden question near a pond

I live on a pond that connects to a large lake. There are some abandoned boats next door (foreclosed house) and I might be able to have the boats. They're not sea-worthy so I'm considering turning them into gardens. I know I could haul it out of the water to put dirt in it and plant, but the water garden idea got me wondering if there's a cool/easy way to create a pond inside the boat with plants and coy fish.

Thoughts? Suggestions? If anyone's ever done this can you share pictures or links to pictures? The thought fits in my mind, but I'm wondering about practicality and if it will look bad IRL (in real life).

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Wow I misses this thread when it was posted.
Come baaack! Tell us if you went ahead with the boat pond idea. It sounds really neat! :D

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It's pretty easy actually. Simply use pond underlyment and liner for water retention. Fitting these geomembranes into the boat will be pretty easy since the shape of the boat is symmetrical and smooth. You can buy underlyment and liner from a home improvement or a garden store store. Next comes the hard part. You should cover the 'pond' bed with stones. My advice - pick lighter stones. You don't want the whole setup to get too heavy and sink the boat. You can fill the gaps between the stones with soil and plants. Hope this helps. :)

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