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Impressive Rain Barrel System

OK, Rain Barrels may not exactly be Water Gardening, but somehow, the concept fits here in my mind. Rain Barrels, Rain Gardens, Swales -- all water catchment and conservation to benefit the garden. :wink:

I have to admit the guy lost me about half way down -- I think this is beyond my capability. But I suspect many of you wouldn't think so. Check this out:

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Wow, I wish they had also dealt with the roofing, and gutters, but that is kind of what I was looking for when asking about catchment systems in another thread.

They lost me for a bit too, but fortunately, my husband was a plumbers apprentice for a few years, and so, it will be really easy for him.

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Noahs Rain Barrels are a closed system and they work well. There is no hole mosquitoes to enter and race, theres no need to use Mosquito Dunks. Its just one thing that makes them better than the open-top version.

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