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New Bonsai Owner - Need help with Carmona (Fukien Tea) :\

Well this is my first post on these forums after a browse around the net for some help with my new Bonsai Tree.
Basically, I'm a complete newbie to the care of Bonsai Trees, I've only ever admired them and those that care for them. I can remember asking for one when I was as young as 6.

Anyway, the Tree in question is a Fukien Tea (Carmona microphylla), bought for me today by my lovely girlfriend, having known how much I have always wanted a Bonsai Tree.

I have searched around and found that this particular Bonsai is quite difficult to care for, needs to be kept indoors and is Evergreen.

My problem is I have no idea where to start. I submerged the pot in water until all bubbles had gone, added a tiny amount of fertilizer, then brought the whole thing out of the water. One thing I have noticed is this tree really takes in water incredibly fast and alot of it.

I am also incredibly confused about pruning. The tree has many thin, new branches pointing down and crossing over etc, but I am unsure whether to remove these or not. There is also one thin metal ring around the middle of the trunk, and several brownish marks on the trunk from the previous rings, should I remove this ring?

There are lots of miniature white flowers, some were dead and brown, I removed the heads of these. Also there were a couple of yellow leaves when I first got it, I picked these off immediately (that is correct yes?).

Here are some pictures:



I would really appreciate any help any of you can give me.

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This website has some good information that will help: Look in the growing bonsai indoors and fuken tea link. It appears as though, from the pictures, that it requires a change to more apropriate soils. It also appears that the trunk has wire scars, and that the wire ring should be removed. As of removing the branches, I would wait, at least until you have a suitable style in mind. Hope this helps.
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Thanks for the reply, I have a couple more questions now lol. How do I go about changing the soil? And what soil should I use?

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How do I go about changing the soil? And what soil should I use?
Start with these two:


And do get that wire off as soon as possible, it is likely a remnant of a previous attempt at wiring. Even if you mark the trunk getting it off it must be done.


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Ihave a Fukien Tea. First one i had years ago dired. i keep mine now outside. The temps cannot be under low 90's. The books say 64 to 65. You can keep it on a windowsill in with a lot of light, but it needs light. it will bloom in the spring. You can prune all year longwhen the leaves get very bushy. Do not be afraid. They grow very quick in hot weather. I usually prune the bigger leaves and i have read to leave 2 to 3 bunches of leaves together. i leave smaller ones. You will notice berries growing in place of the flowers in the fall. Now again, you do need the sunlight. do not be afraid to put the tree outside. I was at first, but it is ok, just watch the temperatures. The tropicals are the first to bring in when the weather starts to get really cold, and i mean dips. Right now, it is nice. Do not know where you are located, did not read that, but i am in NJ, so we have that odd dip of weather and she has survived so far through. I have stuck with the soil that came with the Bonsai. If you want specifics for fukien Tea, definitely ask these guys. I have other Bonsai's so I look at mixes , like a well draining one I just found was from a company called a good mix. I have not used it for Fukien Tea, but mixed it within my other soils and it has been good. It is well draining.. Again, i am no expert. fertilizer, i use bonsai boy's bonsai pro Fertilizer for all my plants and it lasts. it has been great. this you can get on Amazon. Fukien teas Must have sunlight. that is the most important thing. If you choose to keep it indoors, you have to have a well lit area. My first tree a few years ago< had a great bay window with awesome light, then we moved and it went downhill amd of course, i did not put it outside on the patio that had wonderful full light. So that is the best i can tell you. Good Luck

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Help with Carmona bonsai

Hi Folks!! Well its my first bonsai and in fairness it belongs to the house mate I just moved in with!! I practice aikido for over a year now and my first trip to japan is coming up soon however, I decided to take care of his tree!!
I bought new bonsai soil, pulled the tree out, trimed what I could and replanted it with the new soil I am also using fertilizer once a week for two weeks now
any help any one please the bloody thing looks dead!!!
There are brownish buttons on it and since I changed the soil it does not seems to take on water as much. I placed it on the windowsill of the bedroom and it is exposed to sunlight (Ireland) most of the morning.
I'd really like it to come around and take care of it properly as time is not an issue.
Unfortunately I was unabled to stick pictures on this post but I would really apreciate it if anyone would help I don't know if it is dead or not
Thanks a million!!

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A word of caution about bonsai boy's bonsai pro Fertilizer.

Bonsai pro is made by Dyna-Gro Corp. It is the same exact formula as Dyna-Gro liquid Grow plant food. You should not pay more than $ 7.00 for an 8 Oz. bottle. It's the same product. The only thing different is the label.

Bonsai Boy is asking $ 16.95 for an 8 Oz. bottle.

Here's where you can get both for under 7 bucks:

It is a good fertilizer, but Not $16.95 good...


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