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HELP My new Bonsai is loosing leaves!

Hello all, I've got Bonsai Tree as a birthday present last week and it started loosing leaves straight away! If it keeps going at this speed it will be bold within a week... it's Chinese Elm tree

Thank you all in advance!

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Re: HELP My new Bonsai is loosing leaves!

Here's a post about chinese elm: ... lm#p417551

shortening hours of daylight may be triggering it in to dormancy. It probably isn't getting enough light where it is, anyway. If you want it to keep its leaves (not drop them like deciduous trees), you will need to arrange supplemental lighting for it. Even putting it on a good south facing window won't be enough as days get shorter.

Supplemental lighting is a dedicated fluorescent light, shining on it from just a few inches away:

Otherwise, you can let it go dormant, put it in a cool dim part of your house, give it minimal water and no fertilizer and wait until spring.
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