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Caring for dying pinus pinea (Italian stone pine)


I need you help guys, I have planted seed of pinus pinea and now it is 1 month old. I kept it indoor for 1 week - sunny window. and then put it outdoor garden under the full sunlight (8-9 hours of sunlight). i was watering it after 2-3 days. and then I noticed that needles become brown and getting more and more brown after few days. yesterday was quite hot and I watered it and in the evening I noticed that needles become even more brown and started to fall down.
can you please advice how to save it. I want to save it very much. Please help me. Shall I water is less often? or full sunlight burnt it? I guess one of it effected really bad. or is it better to put it in just sunny window?

many thanks in advance

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Re: Caring for dying pinus pinea (Italian stone pine)

I think it’s the full/direct sun. When you think about it, baby trees are almost always growing in the shade — under the parent tree, under other, surrounded by bigger plants.

I don’t know if it can be saved ...I’ve often read that once conifers needles turn brown and start to fall, that’s it. But it wouldn’t hurt to move it to a dappled shade under a tree or morning sun location.

Another issue is I have heard that conifer seedlings need to be grown in soil inoculated with symbiotic mycos. Normally found under the parent tree. The way I heard it, they sprout but decline without it.

... how big container is the seedling growing in? All day sun would tend to dry out container soil. I would think you might need to water every day or even twice a day when hot. Are you feeling the soil to test for moisture levels? Are you using heft method? — feeling weight
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