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leaves turning Yellow

I have a Chinese elm tree I bought about 2wks ago. His leaves have just started turning yellow and I was wondering if that was normal. And if not what can I do to help him.

Also I am feeding my tree with Bonsai Focus. Could you advise me on how often I alternate between the feed and plain water.

Many thanks

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Re: leaves turning Yellow

Hi Dan.

Welcome to the forum. There is a misconception about Bonsai. They are incorrectly considered an indoor plant. Think about it. Bonsai is an outdoor tree or shrub that has been stunted and wired into an unusual shape. It is still an out door plant. Because of the shallow root system it is easy to over water or under water. Suggestion - get two Bonsai. Keep one inside and one outside - rotate every two weeks.

Keep the inside plant in a very bright window,

Good luck
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