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Fukien Tea In The Hands Of A Newbie HELP!!!

So I have been researching Bonsai for weeks but haven't committed to the craft as I know it takes a lot of care and effort to get it right. I have been cruising stores and garden centers just looking for junipers and the like that might have the perfect trunk hiding underneath all those prickly branches but still very much in the contemplation stage of taking on a new hobby.
Then this afternoon on a trip to Lowes for other things I wondered through just checking things out and saw this Fukien Tea tree all by its lonesome. It was the only one there and it looked very neglected. The leaves seem to have some shiny stuff sprayed on them, the rocks are all glued in the roots don't seem to fan out properly seems like they are growing in one direction and the soil and pot don't seem to provide much drainage. There seems to be a good amount of leaves and what I think is a few flower buds. I feel like if I left it there it would have ended up in the trash in a few weeks so I couldn't resist trying to save him.
I ordered some decent bonsai soil that will arrive on monday and I will try and repot with good stuff as soon as it arrives.
I wanted to post this up to seek advice and help to bring this lone tea tree back to full glory. I want to do whatever I can but don't want to make it worse.....anyone have any thoughts

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I don't think your tree has "shiny stuff" sprayed on it. The leaves of the Fukien tea/ Carmona are naturally very glossy. I think Fukien tea is a nice choice.

Sounds like, unlike many people who write in here saying "help my bonsai that I have no idea what it is is dying," you have done at least a bit of homework. All those glued on rocks have to come off. Sometimes they have to be chiselled off. Personally, I would get rid of the moss too. I know it is decorative, but interferes with the soil being able to breathe and you being able to tell when your tree needs to be watered.

There's lots of good information here, that will help you get started. Browse in the Bonsai Forum. Here's a thread with general tips including how to water, which is where most bonsai beginners go wrong:


The non-forum part of helpful gardener has a number of bonsai articles (you have to scroll down the page a bit to get to them):

Use a good liquid fertilizer at half the strength the bottle says. Many people think you should let the cut roots rest and heal for at least a couple weeks after re-potting before you start your fertilizing regimen.

Best Wishes! Keep us posted how your new Carmona fares! :)

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