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Jade Bonsai dying?

My husband got a Jade Bonsai in November 2016 from his coworkers and it seems to be dying. It had full leaves when we got it.
We can't put it outside for at least 2 months (we live in New Jersey). I had it in the kitchen (low artificial light) because the instructions that came with it said it didn't need much light. I've learned that was wrong.

I also have it on a moisture tray and have been misting it daily, which now I also think is wrong (from reading other posts). I do water it every 2 weeks by placing it in a conatainer of water and letting it soak from the bottom. I've also fertilized it once about 3 weeks ago.

Should I place it in a south facing window where it will get sun all day (about 11 hours these days) or under the fluorescents I have for seed starting. I also bought a red-blue (looks purple) led but that doesn't seem to be helping. See pics below.

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Re: Jade Bonsai dying?

You are most likely overwatering it because the soil holds moisture for too long, due to the soil type and the pot being to large. Let it dry out completely before watering again.

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Re: Jade Bonsai dying?

I agree. Jade is a succulent and likes to go a bit dry between watering. Even large plants have relatively small fibrous roots. The soil needs to drain well. Give it as much light as possible. As soon as the weather is warm enough harden it off to outside for the summer where it will be much happier.

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Re: Jade Bonsai dying?

The plant in the picture looks like a Portulacaria afra. These plants, in my experience do quite poorly when
brought indoors for the Winter. I have several and mine all lose probably 60 - 70% of their leaves due to dormancy
and general unhappiness with their surroundings while in the house. I have learned to accept this condition knowing
that shortly after I put them back out in the Spring they will burst forth with new shinny leaves and become robust
again. Hope this helps.

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