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Help save my ficus please!

I just bought a Ficus Nerifilia, and it was doing well for a couple of weeks. However, its leaves started to look funny and then I saw these bugs. I took them off of the plant and sprayed some Isopropyl 70% on my ficus since I read that these could be mealy bugs. Now, I think that my plant is dying. I don't see any more bugs, but my poor ficus doesn't seem to be recovering. Is it going to die? Can I do anything to save it? I live in an apartment without an outside deck, so my window and outdoor options are limited. Please Help! This is my first bonsai. I watered it yesterday, and I usually only water it when the soil gets really dry. Right now, the leaves are wilted and they become dry until they fall off. Some of the branches are still green, but I am worried that they will soon die too.

I have added three photos. One has a picture of the bugs I saw and the others are my current bonsai photos.

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