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Is my Fukien Tea gone?

My boyfriend and I have been growing Bonsaii trees for a couple of years and I haven't had any problems until now. I have 2 Fukien Teas, one is beautiful with all of its leaves, the other has dropped all of its leaves. They both are in the sane area of the house, both are watered and fertilized at the same times. I'm pretty sure though that I watered the bare one too much. Anyways my question is, is it a lost cause now that all of the leaves have fallen off? It seems to have fuzzy things on the ends of the branches but no leaves seem to be starting. It has been a little over a week since the leaves fell off. I'm also wondering if it was sick when I got it??

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Re: Is my Fukien Tea gone?

Well, the fuzzy stuff could be mold,...which is bad, as well as no new growth. If you use your thumb nail to peal a tiny bit of bark away, you should see green, which means that it's still alive.
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Re: Is my Fukien Tea gone?

this is the same tree that was posted about here: ... 51#p394551

the "fuzzy stuff" is apparently leaf buds that died.
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