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Our Ginseng is sick

Hello, this is my first post in this forum. My name is Konstantinos, and although I always was living in the fileds and around plants, taking care of the garden as a kid etc, I was never into gardening. My fiancee recently got me into gardening, and now we are happily building our garden, collecting seeds etc.

One of our first plants, a Ficus Ginseng Bonsai, developed a problem, I thought with a bit of care it might take care for itself, but I think it is getting worse. It developed this brown spot (see photo), there is liquid coming out of it and the center of the spot is soft on the touch. I believe it might have been watered and then been forgotten out in the burning sun (It's very hot here at the moment). Today I also observed a couple of brown leaves.
Does anyone know what is wrong with it?
Can I do something to help?
Any help will be highly appreciated, thanks for reading!

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Sounds like escalating root-rot to me, but I have no personal experience with this particular bonsai. I do have a feeling that you might not have been caring for it optimally. Either too little light, too much water, or both. Here's a site with some info on how it should have been cared for:

There are a LOT of other sites you can visit. Just do a websearch on "Gingseng Ficus bonsai care". Not difficult.

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