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Help!! My bonsai is shedding leaves and I don't know why

Hello all,

I got my bonsai just over a month ago and since then it has gradually been losing its leaves.

I was overwatering initially in the first few days (twice a day) but then realised it should only be done when the soil is dry and skewered with no residue which I have been doing since then.

However my bonsai just keeps losing leaves!! I've scratched the bark and its still green so its still alive. I'm not sure as what to do now.

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Hello and welcome. Since you posted in the indoor section and have shown pictures indoors, I am going to assume you are growing the tree as shown. All but the brightest rooms would benefit from supplemental lighting. Can you supply a fluorescent light for it?

The soil in your pot appears very dense, probably still field soil. Putting aside other concerns for now, this makes it much more difficult to water properly. It is possible, depending upon your watering practices, that there is a dry spot deep within the pot.

The next time it needs to be watering try soaking it for about 30 minutes. Only do this once then return to watering as normal ensuring that you water the pot thoroughly. Begin to learn about bonsai soil and re-potting; check the bonsai learning section.


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Second all that. Your bonsai looks to be a Fukien tea. When indoors (it should be outdoors for spring-summer) it benefits from lots of light. Unless you have a really good south facing window, that probably means supplemental lighting. Supplemental lighting would be a lamp that shines directly on it from just a few inches away, on at least 12 hrs a day.

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I have one of these too. Its got a good south window apparently. Its doing ok but not my favorite

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