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Re: Newly Received Bonsai

Use a chop stick to test for need for water. If chopstick comes out dry its time to water. If its damp, its not.

Never ever water to schedule. this is a guarentee to fail.

You have not added a location to your profile or signature line, so its hard to tell when spring will be near you. it will be time to repot with bonsai soil when your tree moves from indoors to outside. Here in SE-OH that would be, late April, early in May.

Your tea is going to live outdoors from then to (roughly) Columbus Day. Or you have a vented green house for year round.

Keep your Tea alive till this time next year and then you will have looked at enough other tea to start to prune your new baby.
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Re: Newly Received Bonsai

Ok thank you both. I put the tree by a table lamp by the way and how do I find/make a humidity tray? Thank you for the tip about the chopsticks and I live in northern New Jersey so my weather is cold and I have jurassic seasons.

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