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What is the best way to water my Ligustrum Bonsai?

The watering instructions that came with the bonsai says to submerse the roots of the tree in a pot of water untill the soil is completely covered then leave it to soak for 10 minutes and then leave it on a draining board untill the water stops dripping from the bottom. Ive read elsewhere that this isnt the best way and indeed my last bonsai I had I always watered from the top untill the water was running out the drain hole and then repeating the process after ten minutes. Which way is best? Thanks in advance

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Re: What is the best way to water my Ligustrum Bonsai?

Dan this is where the your soil will make all the difference.

It is very fashionable to use Japanese clay subsoils, in some circles. They simply will not stand up to immersion or frost (not an issue for this tree). Many will also use kaolin products "Oilz Dri". Exactly the same problems abound as this soil will break down if immersed.

I would use a chop stick in the pot(s) that dry out quickest. I would check by touch those chopsticks for dryness. And top water liberally when the chopstick is dry. If your trees are indoors letting them drip-out on a drain board works if you only have a few trees.
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