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pistachio bonsai disease diagnosis help .....

hi everyone
I have this beautiful pistachio bonsai and I bought it with this disease I think its safe to call it that ....
the leaves are redend and gray blotches appear in the older leaves (not mildew)
but most of the new shoots are curled in on themsleves not sure if its peach leaf curl or what .... see pictures and if anyone recognises whats wrong please can you let me know how to treat it ...
I have been using the bayer bug killer for spider mites aphids and whitefly but after 2 application no diffrence

the tree seems fine and growing but the leaves look unsightly
see the pics attached
thanx :)




notice the red on the leaves

anyone know what this is ? I don't want the tree to die

thanx again [/img]

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I'm not totaly positive this is your issue but I if I remeber correctly a potasium deficiancy (the K part of fertalizers NPK) can cause reddening and malformation of will usually start at the top .
so my question would be have you fertalized lately?

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