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Need Help with my fukien tea

I got a really nice fukien tea about 3 months ago which I paid A LOT of money for since I really liked it ... it was beautiful and was filled with perfect green leaves. Ever since then, it had scale and although I tried getting rid of them some still remain. It has been facing south west and I have been watering it properly and letting it dry out between waterings.

Now the tree has few leaves left and losing more each day. It looks like many of the branches are brittle and dead and so I doubt the are going to come back. Is there a chance this tree will bounce back? is there a chance the seemingly dead branches will have leaves again? Any ideas? Thanks!! (ps I tried posting a picture but it seems like I cant post pics on this site)

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It might need more light, I have my Fukien Tea tree indoors, and I have about 14 hours of flourescent light on it, and it seems to be pretty happy. also, keep fighting the scales!
good luck!

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For the scale problem, which I have encountered before, if you put water (about 95% water) and dish soap like Palmolive (5%) in a small squirt bottle, squirt the branches, leaves, and soil and wait a few days. There should be any left after about 1-2 weeks. But every 2-3 days, do that.

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I clicked on your links. That takes you to the photo with this url:

click on the Img button here, it will insert Image at the end of your text.

One of our mods here, Kisal recommends for scale, wet a Qtip in rubbing alcohol and just touch it to each scale insect (they look just like rounded bumps and are stationary). Don't rub the tree with the alcohol, which can be very damaging, just touch each insect.

Are those rocks glued on? They usually suggest removing them (if glued, they may have to be chiseled/ pried off) for better air circulation in the soil and better ability to tell when watering is needed.

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I agree with rainbowgardener - I don't how you can tell when the soil is dry without always having to clear out a bunch of rocks first. Makes me wonder if you're actually getting a precise measurement of the soils moisture.

Either way I don't think it's getting enough water. It's very bushy and the rocks tend to soak up water as well and don't give it back. For what it's worth, I'd remove at least two thirds of the rocks on the surface then prune the things down.

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If those rocks are hot glued on, please remove them and any remaining hot glue.

I expect your tree is not getting watered due to those hot-glued on rocks.

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