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My husband was given a beautiful chinese elm bonsai for Xmas, which has a good sized trunk and lots of dark green small leaves. We have watered carefully indoors to avoid it drying out, it is too late to move the plant outdoors for the winter. First we had some yellowing of leaves and corrected watering that has now stopped but the main issue is new leaves on the top and periphery of the plant are growing much larger that the rest of the plant after watering. We think that is because of lack of light? At the mo we are in temporary accom and only have a east facing window for the plant, this means morning light then not much. My husband has pruned out a few of the larger 'branched leaves but realise this is not the correct time of year for pruning. Any suggestions as to slowing down growth of leaves, the leaf growth definitely increases and speeds up the days after watering. We move into our new home in 2 weeks and will make a permanent space indoors for the plant. Any help or suggestions please.

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Welcome Flax,

Don't worry about over sized leaves and new growth spikes for now. Health is the important thing. I do not prune again until Spring.

Give the tree all the light you can and keep it away from heat sources. A cooler overnight spot (not drafty) is good.

In Winter I keep indoor trees in bright windows or under lights. But I have found that a few of them like to be moved at night into a cool pantry. For them it seems more 'natural', as if they were outside on a Summer evening. I mist them a lot too.

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