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how close to lights?

How close, on average, is it recommended to position ones plants under fluorescent lights?

I originally assumed as close as possible without touching would be optimal since fluorescent don't give off much heat.. however, I have been hearing about 5-6" is the best range measuring up from the top of the plant to the light source.

Can anyone shed some.. wait for it... light on this for me : P (sorry!)

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I think that is about right closer s better to a point!. I keep mine about 9 inches so the light hits the side white reflective foam panels. The reflected light hits the under sides of the leavers and increases the intensity of the direct light by adding to it!! Keeping it too close causes a shadow on the under leaf in my opinion! Placing perlite on the surface of the soil will also add to light reflection to the under leaf!
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Good question - good answer.

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