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jade bonsai Sick

Okay So I've had my jade bonsai plant for 8 years and before that my Mom had her. So she's fairly Old. But this summer she has gotten to large. She is up to my Hip so I put her into a new large Pot. And she was doing okay but then I moved her so she was in more light because in her old place, she was losing a lot of leaves.. and she's been there for about 2 months now and her leaves are no Longer Plump and nice. They are soft, and don't even look Plump. I water once every two weeks. But all the leaves are this way and I don't want her to die. What's wrong with her.

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Just about the worst thing you can do to a Jade is to keep it wet, but it seems you know this. I wonder about a few tings though. Just to make sure, the pot does have ample drainage holes, right? Even if it does is the bottom of the pot flat? I once had a house plant in a flat bottomed pot and, despite using a decent bonsai type mix, the drainage hole plugged up and caused problems. This happened because the pot had no feet so when I watered the fines could not be flushed away and eventually impeded drainage greatly.

Next, if the pot is excessively large the soil may be staying wet too long. That brings us to the soil itself, are you using a conventional type potting soil? If so, that in combination with either, or both, of the things I mentioned above could be contributing to your problem.

I know it's counter-intuitive, because of the shriveled leaves, but it could still be over watered sometimes if roots are damaged the plant cannot take up water and appears to be under watered. Result, a well meaning grower waters more making the problem worse.

Try this, get a chopstick or kitchen skewer and push it into the soil and leave it there. When you think it is time to water pull the skewer out and check it for moisture. If it is still damp don't water.


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Often, jades will need to be allowed to "rebound" after a repot that involves root pruning. Watering them at all during this time can cause "overwatering" symptoms. I would leave it, let it dry completely, I'm talking dust dry, before watering it again. Give it a good water then, and repeat the same. Jades are very tough, it would be very unusual if you could actually kill it completely.

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