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Money tree mystery! Leaves All Dropped

I have a money tree for many years. It lives pretty comfortable life, have enough water and light. It grows fast and healthy.
Two weeks ago, I trimmed it as usual and put the branches into water. I always do that and when the roots are grown I’ll give it away to my friends or neighbors.
But then suddenly, the money tree lost ALL the leaves. They were just lying on the floor all around. And they were not dry or yellow. They were green healthy looking leaves. They just fell off.
The most interesting thing was that the branches that were standing for two weeks in the water also lost all the leaves. In other words they were naked. But the roots grown healthy and long and the water was clear.
So I have no idea what happened. I was not able to find any bugs. And the temperature in the house is the same, and no direct air blow…
I have several tropical plants in the house, fish and a dog, and don’t see any indication of bad air or anything that could make them feel uncomfortable.
If anybody has any idea of this mystery, could you please educate me.

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according to this u shouldn't water too often.

I've no money tree and don't really consider it a true bonsai.
ficus, maple, elm, juniper, pine

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