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Need Help! Dwarf Jade Bonzai is (almost) leafless!

I am a complete rookie when come to planting. However, a month ago, my girlfriend bought me a Dwarf Jade Bonzai from Lowes. For the past 2 weeks, it has been dropping leafs until it is almost bald now. I only water very little once a week. Today at the bottom of one of the leaf has weird looking "pimples". Is it some kind of pest or disease? Need help ASAP cause I think by this time tomorrow it will be leafless.

here is the pic:

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1: Lowe's doesnt know how to treat Bonsais because they water all of them the same, they either overflow it with water or don't give it water at all. Not really a good place to get a Bonsai.
2: You need to water the plant 2-3 times a week if its dry to the touch water it more. If you want to test if its dry/moist use a wooden kitchen scewer and stick in the soil.
3: Your picture didn't work.
4: Keep the plant in the sun, water it more and see if it will revive.

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Here's your image:

Some trees don't take well to changing environments, just pick a sunny window without drafts and leave the tree there.
read up on [url=]properly watering[/url] your new bonsai (a tree without leaves will usually need less water, but it sounds like yours needs a proper soaking to begin with - edit, Norm just posted what to do :) so I'll shut up now).
Google the species and learn what you can.

If it were me I'd remove the affected leaf and watch out for new occurrences. (as in, I don't know if it is a pest either. but fact is, a stressed tree is much more prone to being infected with such things)
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I only water very little once a week.
Portulacaria or Baby Jade/Dwarf Jade is a succulent and as such does not require frequent watering. But when you do water do so thoroughly, repeatedly if necessary, until the soil is saturated. Wait until the soil is completely dry, then wait some more. Only after the soil is dry should you consider watering again.

Watering on a schedule is never the best approach. After a time you will get the hang of it and will know when it needs watered. Here is a tip for this species; they don't seem to mind being watered more frequently than full sized Jades, if the leaves are wrinkled then you waited too long.

I can't ID the objects on your leaf but I have never had any pests on this species that I recall. Try mechanical removal either by hand or with a spray of water.

You have not given us much information to go on. For instance, what are you doing for lighting?


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